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SHAREBOT Next Generation

The next generation of 3D Printers

Sharebot celebrates the arrival of its 3rd generation 3D Printer: the NG – Next Generation – model leverages on the experience acquired with the former Kiwi and Pro designs, enriched with the suggestions and comments got from customers. It relies on a custom designed steel frame and a 0.35mm extruder that grant the result in most print and use cases.

Main Features




0,35 mm Nozzles


Inox Steel Shell


Print directly from SD card


Integrated LCD Monitor


Print area 250x200x200 mm with single extruder


Usable Filament starting from 1,75 mm


CE certificated


Minimum thickness of print 0,05 mm

Materials and Filaments


  • PLA for a shiny look and objects with a base bigger than 5cm 
  • PLA WOOD for a wooden look
  • PLA SAND for a concrete look
  • ABS* for objects that require solidity
  • ABS PLUS* for flat surfaces
*requires heated plate
  • GUM* for rubbery objects
  • POLY* for high resolution objects
  • NYLON* for elastic objects
  • CRYSTAL FLEX for a semi-transparent and shiny look



  • Second sliding extruder
  • Support packages
  • Soon with wireless connection


Download Page

Starting from 1500€

Order here!

Control Panel Functions


Possibility to change the printing speed, the extrusion and heated plate temperature, fan speed and flow rate during the print.

Possibility to automatically and manually calibrate the plate, load and unload the filament, stop and restart the sprint and choose the type of filament.


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